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Natural  Solutions To All Infertility Problems Including The Following:

— Irregular Menstrual Cycles

— Delayed Periods

— Endometriosis

— Blockage of the Fallopian Tube

— Ovarian Cyst

— Miscarriages

— High Prolactin 

— Hormonal imbalances

— Fibroid

— Low sexual drive


Dear Women Looking To Get Pregnant,

I totally understand how you feel and I will tell you why in a moment.

But first I would like to ask you the following questions,

Have you tried to get have your own beautiful baby in your hands but no sign yet?

Have you gone through various tests and still can’t find the reason why you can not actually get pregnant?

Have you at ever used any contraceptive drugs in the past or used some of the drugs such as “clomid” or contraceptives drugs such as “postinor”

Then you really need to read this important letter as it reason concerns you if you really want to be able to conceive and have that beautiful baby wrapped in your arms.

First off, my name is Olushola.

I am a natural wellness consultant that has helped hundreds of women in various health issues including helping to boost fertility which is probably why you are reading this page right now.

If you want to increase your chance of getting pregnant

Then I have just the right natural process that would help increase your chance of getting that result.

But first,

I need to first educate you on why you have to actually go through what am about to explain to you.

Now, the rate of infertility is very high and this rate is actually alarming because it is believed that the value of women going through the issues of infertility is way more than the estimated reach been revealed right inside this over 250,000 women.

Why do I say this?

Right here in our health newsletter, there are tens of thousands of women who are having issues with infertility which is why we want to help as many people out of this situation to put a happy smile on their face.

Based on our research and the work we have put into this, we have realized one major flaw which is causing the reason why women are not getting pregnant or been able to conceived.

Now what we have realized is that over 90 percent of the women that we have been privilege to talk to has taken various drugs which has actually disrupt their natural fertility system thus complicating the issue of getting pregnant.

While the fact remains that doctors would prescribed various drugs for you to use.

But we have found something worse that is actually not even allowing the drugs to work

It’s also what is responsible for how you cannot get pregnant naturally.

What might that be?

It’s simply in what that is present in our body system called toxins.

What makes up toxins in the body?

Drugs, contraceptive, junks, environment, foods pile up in our body system which clogs the pathway of allowing certain things not to function such as in this case fertility.

This is also responsible for why there is an increase threat with young women having fibroid that furthers complicate the issues.

Thus there needs to be a full complete reset of the body.

And this is the first step towards the right path to getting pregnant.

So in essence, for you to actually get pregnant, you need to prepare your body first by going through what is called a fertility detox cleanse

I actually call this a Fertility Detox Cleanse as through this process, It helps to reset and cleanse your entire body system, thereby making you fertile just as new as though you have never even touched it before.

Let Us Help You Prepare Your Body To Get Pregnant.

The Quick Start Process For Every Women ======



Conceiving a new life and bringing up a child into the world is a wonderful experience.However,this joy unfortunately eludes many couples trying to conceive.
The root cause of almost all fertility problems in women is bodily imbalance. To conceive, certain factors that are essential for conception need to be in balance. However, in many couples, this is not the case. This imbalance, in turn, prevents them from conceiving

The solution to infertility is a simple one,prepare your body well for conception and you will conceive. As we said, Small things can have huge impact on our lives and fertility.

Some may ask. Preparing the body for conception? Isn”t our body supposed to do this naturally? Yes, it is supposed to do this naturally, provided you give it clean air to breathe, pure water to drink, and chemical free foods to eat.The truth is that most of us are overexposed to toxins, which affects our health in more ways than one. with a little help from us, the fertility detox program can can effectively remove stored toxins,improve blood circulation,reverse aging and prepare the body for conception.

All women have the ability to contribute to conception. Some, however, are unable to do so either due to environmental reasons, such as overexposure to toxins, or certain biological reasons. Whatever the cause of infertility maybe,you can become fertile by adopting a comprehensive natural fertility cleanse program

Over the years, you accumulate harmful toxins in your body. These toxins affect your health adversely and may prevent you from conceiving. A fertility detox program does the following

  • Removes harmful toxins
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Optimiize blood circulation to the reproductive system
  • Prepares the body for cenception
  • Ensure faster conception
  • Prevent miscarriages and avoid tranferring any harmful impurities from maternal parent to the baby
  • Give excellent fertility status for couple trying to get pregnant naturally
  • Prevent your baby from being exposed to harmful toxins and give birth to healthy baby and prevent the common health symptoms seen in newborn and avoid early/delay miscarriage, birth defect and still birth.

Going through the fertility cleansing detox program, you are expected to have a perfect working reproductive system that actually helps you to prepare for pregnancy in the right way.

Let me quickly share with you some of the happy mothers who has gone through the detox program before I talk about the benefit of the second step.

*However, they are individual results and results do vary.


You will also receive a manual that also helps you through the process of going through a fertility cleanse.

In addition to the using clean 9 for the fertility detox we have added two other products to boost your fertility after completing the detox which is the second step towards the right path to getting pregnant.

  • 1 Bottle of Royal Jelly.

    Royal Jelly has long been regarded as one of nature’s super foods due to its rejuvenative, antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties. It has many uses but is perhaps most often recommended by herbalists to women experiencing menopause, menstruation, fertility problems and to increase their sex drive.

    Royal Jelly is believed to balance hormones and to increase energy.  Both of these changes together can result in increased sex drive, stamina, sperm production and of course a reduction in fertility problems that may have resulted from a hormone imbalance.

1 Bottle of Vitolize Women

As a woman age, they can use some extra help fighting free radicals,increasing energy, supporting mood, and resisting stress. That’s why this product is perfect for ladies on the go. Its unique ingredients include apple power, passion flower. schisandra berry, and cranberry fruit power. There is no better way to get such a wonderful fruit and botanical blend.

Forever Wowen’s Vitolize offers the following key nutrients:

  • Cranberry: has been shown to promote urinary tract health
  • Vitamin B6: helps maintain stable estrogen levels and support healthy menstral fuction. Also hepls support proper metabolism
  • Vitamin B12: hepls tosupport the nervous system and enhance mood
  • Vitamin C: boost immunity and support iron absorption
  • Vitamin D: hepls support calcium absorbtion and maintain bone health
  • Vitamin E: hepls the immune system counteract against toxins such as air pollution
  • Folic Acid: supports the production of red blood cells
  • Calcium: hepls maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Managesium: helps to boost metabolism and maintain healthy reproductive fuction
  • Iron: supports muscle growth and brain function


You will also receive a manual that also helps you through the process of going through the fertility detox and boost.

Can’t wait to help you prepare yourself to actually get pregnant.




Your Natural And Wellness Consultant.


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